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lifting-down type ton bag filling machine

This bulk bag filling packing machine also known as big bag or jumbo bag packing machine by combing with automatic pallet dispenser and roller conveyors to make a full auto packing line.

It is widely used for granule and powder material weighing,filling packing such as resins , pellets, flour, sugar, food/animal feed additives, pesticide...products in chemical, food, pharmaceutical etc industries by using different feeding devices.


1.Four hook loops for jumbo bag hang on;

2.Air blower blowing the air into empty bag make it fully open ;

3.The four load cells mounted on the hook loops reflects the weight timely on the touch screen during filling;

4.Cylinder rises-down to compact the filled product once it reached pre-set value;

5.Auto loose the hook loops after finished the bag filling .

Machine structure can be available for mild steel, stainless steel and can be customized for different bag sizes according to customer's requirement.

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